Elevate your cardio experience with Extreme Step, a dynamic class that combines traditional step aerobics with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Perfect for those looking to push their limits, this class will help you torch calories, improve your agility, and boost your cardiovascular health. Each session promises a challenging and fun workout, suitable for all fitness levels.


Discover the power of full-body fitness with our Circuit Training class. Designed to improve strength, endurance, and flexibility, this class incorporates a series of high-intensity exercises performed in rotation with minimal rest. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, Circuit Training offers a scalable and varied workout that will keep you engaged and motivated.


Experience the ultimate calorie burn with Full Body Burn, a class focused on building strength and endurance across all major muscle groups. Utilizing bodyweight exercises, free weights, and resistance training, this class is perfect for anyone looking to tone their body, increase muscle definition, and achieve overall fitness. Prepare to sweat, challenge yourself, and feel the burn in a supportive group environment.


Ideal for seniors, beginners, or those with mobility limitations, our Low Impact Chair class offers a gentle yet effective workout. Using chairs for support, this class focuses on improving flexibility, balance, and strength through a series of low-impact exercises. It's a safe and welcoming space to stay active, improve your health, and enjoy the benefits of physical exercise without the strain.


Step into fitness with our energizing Step class, a cardio workout that uses a step platform to offer a blend of aerobic and strength training. Suitable for all levels, this class will help you improve coordination, burn calories, and build endurance. The upbeat music and dynamic routines ensure each workout is fresh, fun, and effective. Join us to step up your fitness game in a vibrant, community-driven atmosphere

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A month-to-month membership is a flexible subscription model that allows members to pay for access to a service or facility, such as a gym, on a monthly basis without committing to a long-term contract. This type of membership usually auto-renews every month until the member decides to cancel. It offers the freedom to start and stop the membership at any time, providing a convenient option for those who prefer not to be tied down by yearly contracts. Month-to-month memberships are appealing for their adaptability, allowing members to adjust their plans based on changing circumstances, such as travel, budget, or personal preference.



A monthly unlimited membership typically provides members with unrestricted access to a service or facility’s offerings within a month-long period. For gyms or fitness centers like The Gem Factory, this means members can attend as many classes as they wish, use any available equipment, and take advantage of all included amenities without any limitations during the month. This type of membership is billed on a monthly basis and often auto-renews until canceled. It’s ideal for individuals who frequent the gym or attend multiple classes throughout the week, offering the best value for those looking to maximize their usage and flexibility in accessing the facilities and services offered.


A drop-in membership or pass allows individuals to access a gym or fitness center’s facilities and classes on a one-time basis without the need for a longer-term membership commitment. This option is perfect for those who prefer the flexibility of attending classes or using gym facilities occasionally, rather than regularly. It’s particularly appealing to visitors, those trying out the gym before committing to a membership, or individuals with unpredictable schedules that prevent them from taking full advantage of a monthly subscription. Drop-in fees are typically paid per visit, and while this option may cost more per session compared to unlimited memberships, it offers the utmost flexibility and convenience for sporadic use.

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Introducing our exciting partnership with Make My Meals, a game-changer for your fitness and nutritional journey! At The Gem Factory, we believe in a holistic approach to health, combining rigorous workouts with balanced, nutritious diets. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Make My Meals to offer you an exclusive range of meal prep services and à la carte options, designed to fuel your workouts and support your fitness goals.

As a valued member of The Gem Factory, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits, including special discounts and access to customized meal plans that align with your workout schedule and nutritional goals. Say goodbye to the hassle of meal planning and preparation, and hello to more time focusing on what you love — achieving your fitness milestones.

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